The Turn the World Outward Award is a celebration of individuals, communities, and organizations who see people as people. If you would like to submit a nominee, please complete the form below. Nominations close on December 6, 2019.


(Note: Community nominations can include communities, associations, clubs, or a group of individuals who are impacting their community by seeing people as people. Organization nominations can include corporations, nonprofits, schools, etc. that have made seeing people as people integral to their culture.)

Please write a few sentences describing the nominee.

Please explain why you think this nominee should be considered for the Turn the World Outward Award. How are they seeing people as people? How are they helping others adopt outward mindsets? Please include as many detailed, concrete examples as possible. Recall that video nominations are encouraged—simply paste the link to your video in the box below! Alternatively, please write in your explanation.


  1. Submit a nomination form before the deadline of December 6, 2019!
  2. All nominations will be reviewed between December 6, 2019 and February 1, 2020. During this period, we may reach out to nominators for more information.
  3. A pool of finalists will be selected from the nominees. Finalists will be highlighted on starting in June 2020.
  4. Winners will be selected from the pool of finalists. Winners will be announced and presented with awards at the 2020 Arbinger Summit and Annual Training (June 11-12, 2020).


To submit a nomination, please complete the form above. Make sure to include your current contact information so that we can follow up with you!

You can nominate:

  • Individuals. These nominees can include piano teachers, athletic coaches, teachers, mentors, janitors—anyone who sees people as people and has had positive impact.
  • Organizations. Nominated organizations should be those that have strived to incorporate an outward mindset into their culture. Organizations may include non-profits, for-profit businesses and corporations, and associations.
  • Communities. Nominated communities should be groups that serve a certain geographical area and see others as people. Communities may include local or state government (city councils, schools, police squads, etc.) or a group of individuals who are working to make their local community more outward.

Note that the more detail you include in your submission, the more likely we are to understand your reasons for nominating this individual, community, or organization. To help build the #TurnTheWorldOutward movement, we encourage you to submit a video nomination! Just post a video on social media explaining your nomination and include the link on your nomination form.


The winner for each category (individual, organization, community) will be announced at the Arbinger Summit and Annual Training in June 2020. Winners will also be announced on social media in June 2020.